environmental policy

environmental policy

At Fika, we are absolutely committed to the planet in every aspect of our work. We are committed to becoming a B-Certified company (part of the B-Corporation), redefining the way businesses operate, to become a Fresh Force for Good.

Fika is an independent private limited company and focuses primarily on providing its clients, employees and visitors food that is fresh, local and seasonal.

We understand the impact our business has on the environment and we consider and challenge every aspect of our service to include;
● Ethical ingredients and products, including partnerships with social enterprises
● Recycling partnerships with our clients
● Reduced / Recycling Packaging
● Minimising Waste
● Minimising single use plastics
● Recycling of used cooking oil
● Uniforms for our teams
● Reduced use of meat and more plant-based menus
● Efficient Use of energy and water
● Organic use of chemicals
This Policy should be read in conjunction with the Fika Sustainability minimum standards document, which gives further detail.

The provenance and origin of our food is key, that is why we are proud to partner with local suppliers, farmers and growers for our fresh seasonal produce.
● Animal Welfare – We only select the finest ingredients from ethically responsible suppliers. that demonstrate high environmental and animal welfare standards.
● Sustainable Tuna – Our tuna is pole and line caught, guaranteed.
● Free Range Eggs – All our fresh eggs are British and Free Range.
● British Milk - All our milk is British, organic and Red Tractor certified.
● Red Tractor Bacon – All our bacon is British and Red Tractor certified.
● British Flour – All of our flour is milled in Britain.
We will continuously review our practices and improve our environmental performance, whilst reapplying for the B-Certification every 2 years, as required. We are committed to minimising the risk of pollution, reducing the level of waste and emissions that arise as a result of the normal day to day business activities of our company.

Fika will follow and comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and industry codes of practice. We aim to lead the way in all aspects in the hope that other caterers in the industry will follow.

We will communicate this policy to every Location Leader and Employee that works for Fika so that it is ingrained within the Fika DNA and everyone understands that collectively, we are able to make a positive difference. We will ultimately be held to account by the B-Corporation who will only certify us if we practice what we preach.
Ed Walker
Fika Founder and CEO